Windham Township was founded in 1811. It Originally encompassed 25 square miles of land. After the village was withdrawn from the township in 1993, the size of the township was decreased to 23 square miles. The township is served by Windham Exempted Village School District, 3 telephone exchanges, and the post offices of Windham, Garrettsville, and Hiram.
Cemetery Reminders
Due to the high volume of items being placed around the grave sites in the cemetery, the board approved of any all items placed around the sites that are not admissible or create a detriment to the safety of the workers while mowing and weed whipping be removed. The rules are clearly posted at the cemetery, and can be read in full here. If you have items you wish to keep on the grave sites, you should remove them immediately.
  1. There shall be a limit of one (1) tombstone per grave space.
  2. Govenment markers shall be placed on the back of the tombstone.
  3. Township employees shall do ALL lawn mowing. No individuals may bring or operate a mower of any type within the confines of the cemetery.
  4. There shall be NO fencing outlining grave or marker.
  5. There shall be NO flowers outlining grave or marker.
  6. There shall be NO stones or edging material outlining a grave or marker.
  7. NO sod shall be placed on any grave. The township will level and seed all graves.
  8. NO trees shall be planted on, around, or near any grave space.
  9. All winter wreaths and/or decorations must be removed no later than April 1st of each year, or the township will remove and discard such items.
  10. The township reserves the right to remove any shrub or shrubs, flowers, urns, etc. that interferes ith the normal operations, or not lending to the appearance of the cemetery.
Board Meetings
All Thursday Board meetings will start at 6pm until further notice.
Township E-Mail
The township can be contacted using the e-mail address windhamtwp@hotmail.com.